Efficiency of wastewater treatment works

Wastewater treatment technology always plays a particularly important role and affects the performance of the wastewater treatment system. It is obvious, not in the field of wastewater treatment, but in any other field, technology always plays a key role, creating resilience for the system. Environmental factors and external circumstances, with different conditions, need to use different technologies and solutions.

In order to achieve the highest efficiency and most cost savings in the process of wastewater treatment, in this article, we will provide you with the “Table of performance of treatment works”, from which you can You can apply it to your business to get the most out of it.

1. The above performance is for reference only, based on the experience factor of design and operation, and does not represent absolute accuracy.
2. The treatment efficiency % according to the table above can be reduced if the amount of BOD, COD, N, P in the water does not reach the minimum level for treatment according to the characteristics of each type of wastewater (industrial, domestic, …)
3. The textbook of “Lam Minh Triet” shows very clearly the % treatment efficiency for each project by practical experiments in accordance with the characteristics of the wastewater being calculated.